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A music blog. Musicians without the talented voices or instruments. We just find songs worthy of your time. We post whatever we are feeling upbeat, slow, in languages we don't even know. Songs below are RadioMuff approved.
August 20th, 2:33pm 1 note

MAGIC! - Let Your Hair Down

August 19th, 6:48pm

Penn Masala - She Will Be Loved / O Re Piya

August 19th, 5:24pm

Penn Masala - WIthout You/ Teri Jhuki Nazar 

August 18th, 5:24pm

Grouplove - Let Me In

August 17th, 5:24pm

GTA & Juyen Sebulba - Hard House

August 16th, 9:36pm 1 note

The Weeknd - Often (Kygo Remix)

August 16th, 8:16pm

Syn Cole - Miami 82  (Kygo Remix)